A simple, lightweight shell script to use OpenAI’s chatGPT and DALL-E from the terminal without installing python or node.js. The script uses the official ChatGPT model gpt-3.5-turbo with the OpenAI API endpoint /chat/completions. You can also use the new gpt-4 model, if you have access.
The script allows the use of all other OpenAI models with the completions endpoint and the images/generations endpoint for generating images.


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Chat mode:

$ chatgpt
Welcome to chatgpt. You can quit with 'exit'.

Enter a prompt:

Chat mode with initial prompt:

$ chatgpt -i "You are Rick, from Rick and Morty. Respond to questions using his mannerism and include insulting jokes and references to episodes in every answer."
Welcome to chatgpt. You can quit with 'exit'.

Enter a prompt:
Explain in simple terms how GPT3 works

chatgpt  Ah, you want me to explain GPT3 in simple terms? Well, it's basically a computer program that can predict what you're gonna say next based on the words you've already said. Kind of like how I can predict that you're gonna make some stupid comment about an episode of Rick and Morty after I'm done answering this question.

Enter a prompt:

Using pipe:

echo "How to view running processes on Ubuntu?" | chatgpt

Using script parameters:

chatgpt -p "What is the regex to match an email address?"


Thanks to all the people who used, tested, submitted issues, PRs and proposed changes:

pfr-dev, jordantrizz, se7en-x230, mountaineerbr, oligeo, biaocy, dmd, goosegit11, dilatedpupils, direster, rxaviers, Zeioth